Place of realization Range of performed works Date of commencement Date of implementation
ENERGA O. Gdańsk Koszalin Olsztyn Serwis SKD 08.01.2015 08.01.2016
PKO BP SA – Provinces of pomerania, , Kuyavian- Pomeranian, Greater Poland, Lubusz, West Pomeranian FSS service 12.12.2014 12.12.2017
PKO BP SA – National SSWiN, CCTV,SKD Security systems installation 12.12.2014 12.12.2017
PKO central building, Puławska and Wólczyńska st., Warsaw Realization and impelementation of FCWnX system 10.12.2014 Under realization
ŻIH Warsaw SSP renovation 26.11.2015 18.12.2015
I Warsaw Metro line Teletechnical Works 22.07.2014 30.08.2014
PKM Pomeranian Metropolitan Railways, Gdańsk Teletechnical installations 24.04.2014 Works underway
OLIVIA FOUR SKD project and installation works 10.02.2014 01.08.2014
RP General Consulate in Donieck IMS design, delivery, assembly and installation, along with subcontractors’ documentation 05.12.2013 31.01.2013
RP General Consulate in Cologne IMS delivery, assembly and installation, - RP General Consulate in Cologne 30.09.2013 12.11.2013
Energa Power plant Ostrołęka ACS adaptation to the visual functionality of persons traffic at FCWnx systems 25.09.2013 07.11.2013
City of Gdynia Support and information control over the project „ Modernization of Land and Building Registry” for the City of Gdynia 14.08.2013 31.10.2014
City of Elbląg Electrical works execution at the site of City Network Administration Center, of Elbląg 02.08.2013 10.10.2013
Marina buildings 2 & 3 Teletechnical Installations 05.08.2013 31.12.2013
CWTiD MW Design and execution of modernization of existing physical security supporting systems, at the sites of Wejherowo, Łężyce, Gdynia Oksywie as well as new visual supervision systems installation at: Międzyzdroje, Góra Szwedów, Niechorze 05.08.2013 30.11.2013
Energa–Operator 130 Marynarki Polskiej st, 80-557 Gdańsk „ Facility Commander Wnx” software upgrade, as well as sale and istallation of the version 7.7 software to SKD administration 11.06.2013 25.06.2013
Shakespeare Theatre, Gdańsk Teletechnical Installations -SAP, DSO, SSWiN, SKD, Smoke extraction, Telephone structural Network, CCTV, Carbon Monoxide Detection, Inspection Installation 15.05.2013 14.03.2014
Olivia Point &Tower- 4 & 5 floor KD and CCTV Systems Installation 04.03.2013 17.05.2013
Branches all over the country SAP,DSO,Smoke Extraction, Lights, EST-3 Projects implementation or implementation and systems comissioning based on individual work orders at branches of PKO BP S.A 18.03.2013 18.03.2016
Embassy of RP, at Riga, Latvia Assembly and configuration of Technical Safety System 15.02.2013 15.02.2013
Branches all over the country SKD conservation, inspections and service 01.01.2013 31.12.2013
MTG- Exhibition – Trade Center of Gdansk Letnica Conservation – Service providing 25.01.2013 Indefinite time contract
CWTiD MW in Wejherowo Devices supply for electronic supervision systems, supporting technical safety 19.12.2012 27.12.2012
AMBER-EXPO Exhibition – Trade Center of Gdansk SSP,DSO implementation 05.11.2012 07.2013
RP General Consulate in Saint Petersburg Technical Safety equipment installation 09.10.2012 12.2012
Energa-Operator S. A. Gdańsk (CSKD) Central Access Control System development 01.10.2012 31.01.2013
CWTiD MW in Wejherowo KD repairs 10.09.2012 30.10.2012
The city of Gdynia Project execution concerning the metadata entry, ordered by the City of Gdynia 10.09.2012 21.03.2013
PKO BP ,Wólczyńska 133 st, Project D0113 Technical expertise of the fire protection state of offices building 07.08.2012 2012.11.30
OLIVIA GATE in Gdańsk, together with ENERA S.A. company secret chancellery Constant services within the frames of maintenance and inspection of Access Control Systems, Intrusion, CCTV 07.2012 2015.06.30
CWTID MW - Wejherowo, Gdynia DMW, Gdynia-Oksywie, Łężyce SSWiN, SKD, CCTV service works after maintenance 10.07.2012 2012.07.10
FRANOWO depot in Poznan Teletechnical installation realization for the Franowo Depot in Poznan 06.2012 2013.06.30
ENERGA Operator S.A. Branch in Gdańsk SKD devices delivery and system implementation 2012.04.17 2012.05.21
New Fair Center – Międzynarodowe Targi Gdańskie S.A. in Gdańsk - Letnica BMS adjustment for Mod bus support 2012.03.30 2012.04.30
Gdynia Port Administration S.A., Rotterdamska 9 st, 81-337 Gdynia SSKD project 2012.03.27 2012.05.28
New Fair Center – Międzynarodowe Targi Gdańskie S.A. in Gdańsk - Letnica GARG offices (InvestGDA) Teletechnical installations 2012.03.23 2012.04.30
CWTiD MW in Wejherowo, 84-200 Wejherowo, Sobieskiego 277 st. Maintenance and faults elimination in SSWiN, CCTV, SKD, SAP, barriers, laser barriers 2012.02.16 2013.01.31
CWTiD MW in Wejherowo, Army Unit in Wejherowo, Rumia CCTV, SSWiN faults elimination 2012.01.09 2012.01.31
IBM Gdańsk Data Processing Center, Nowy Świat 40 st. CCTV, SSWiN, SKD 2012.01.31 2012.04.10
O.P.G-K. OPEGIEKA Sp. z o.o. Tysiąclecia 11 Aley, 82-300 Elbląg Purchase and delivery of unmanned flying aparatus together with equipment 2012.01.30 2012.05.21
CWTiD MW in Wejherowo, Army Unit in Wejherowo Barriers fault elimination 2011.12.12 2011.12.20
Offices Building OLIVIA GATE – Olivia Business Centre Sp. z o.o., Sp. k-a in Gdansk SSKD, CCTV, SSWiN 2011.11.15 2012.05.25
ENERGA – Operator S.A. EOP S.A. Marynarki Polskiej and M. Reja st. in Gdansk CCTV systems integration and development concept and project 2011.11.15 2011.12.23
PKO BP S.A. buildings, Wólczyńska 133 st. afety Systems upgrade 2011.11.07 Under realization
CWTiD MW in Wejherowo, 84-200 Wejherowo, Army Unit buildings in Wejherowo Safety Systems upgrade 2011.11.07 2011.11.30
Energa Operator S.A. Branch of Olsztyn SKD system delivery and implementation 2011.10.04 2011.11.10
Science – Technological park of Gdańsk Surface monitoring, base of knowledgement, audit 2011.09.05 2011.12.10
CWTiD MW in Wejherowo, 84-200 Wejherowo, Army Unit buildings in Wejherowo, Army Unit in Rumia Safety systems repairs 2011.09.29 2011.10.28
PKO BP S.A. buildings, according individual orders – 8 buildings SAP projects and realization 2011.09.12 2011.10.31
CWTiD MW in Wejherowo, 84-200 Wejherowo, Army Unit buildings in Wejherowo, Army Unit in Rumia SSWiN, CCTV 2011.08.23 2011.09.23
C & C Partners Spółka z o.o. 17 Stycznia 119,121 st, Leszno KeyProcessor System 2011.08.12 2011.011.24
AAT Holding Spółka z o.o. Puławska 431 st, 02-801 Warsaw Direct Door controllers delivery 2011.07.11 2011.07.18
PKO BP S.A. buildings, according individual orders – open contract DBE-2011-0065 SAP, DSO 2011.07.11 w realizacji 2012.12.31
ENERGA – Operator S.A.,Branch of Kalisz, Olsztyn, Gdańsk SSKD 2011.07.04 2011.11.17
Gdynia Port Administration S.A., Rotterdamska 9 st, 81-337 Gdynia SSKD 2011.07.06 2011.11.25
Penitentiary Facility of Kamińsk, 11-220 Górowo Iławieckie, XXX-lecia PRL 1st, Kamińsk SSWiN and CCTV Delivery and implementation 2011.06.20 2011.10.28
Alarmy, 76-200 Słupsk, Batalionów Chłopskich 9 st. Devices delivery (concer. ENERGA Operator Słupsk) 2011.06.17 2011.07.06
Warehouse and Components Center in Gdynia, Hutnicza 53 st. SSP 2011.05.10 2011.10.24
University of Warmia – Mazury, Oczapowskiego 2 st, 10-957 Olsztyn Microdrone delivery – Unmanned flying aparatus 2011.04.13 2011.05.31
CWTiDMW JW buildings, at Wejherowo, Łężyce, Gdynia, Gdynia-Oksywie, Rumia Conservation of Safety Systems and laser barriers 2011.04.13 2012.01.31
New Fair Center – Międzynarodowe Targi Gdańskie S.A. in Gdańsk - Letnica Project and implementation of Teletechnical Network 2011.04.05 2012.04.30 under realization
ZEUS S.A. Obrońców Westerplatte 1 st, 83-00 Pruszcz Gdański Diagnostics and training posts construction, in the field of Technical Safety 2011.03.28 2011.05.09
CWTiDMW buildings at the city of Wejherowo Safety Systems repairs 2011.01.12 2011.03.29
University of gdansk, Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunication and Informatics, G. Narutowicza 11/12 st, 80-233 Gdańsk KD system and alarm system software reconfiguration 2011.02.08 2011.03.24
Energa Operator S.A., Marynarki Polskiej 130 st, Gdańsk SSKD renovation 2011.01.10 2011.05.18
Energia PowerPlants Ostrołęka S.A., Elektryczna 5 st, Ostrołęka SSKD construction 2010.12.06 2011.03.31
Garrison Commun. Node, Army Unit 1872 in Słupsk Teletechnical installation 2010.12.01 2010.12.30
Mariners Student House in Gdynia DSO 2010.11.15 2010.12.30
TASK informatics Center of the University of Gdansk, Narutowicza 11/12 st, Gdańsk Devices delivery for encoding and multiplexing IP waves for the project MAYDAY EURO 2012” 2010.11.03 2010.12.15
CWTiDMW buildings at the city of Wejherowo CCTV repairs 2010.11.03 2010.12.10
CWTiDMW buildings at the city of Wejherowo SSKD repairs 2010.11.03 2010.12.10
PGE Arena Gdańsk, football stadium CCTV 2010.10.21 2011.10.28
Polish – Japanese Higher School of Computer Technics, IT institute, in Warsaw Siemens, DVR Head End Equipment 2010.09.30 2011.02.01
PKO BP S.A. buildings, under individual orders – open contract DBE-2010-0067 SSWiN, CCTV, SKD 2010.08.26 w realizacji 2012.12.31
New Fair Center – Międzynarodowe Targi Gdańskie S.A. in Gdańsk - Letnica Teletechnical installations complex project 2010.07.05 2012.02.24
Olsztyn City Hall, administration – offices building Teletechnical installations 2010.03.11 w realizacji
Science – Technological park of Gdańsk CCTV project and installation 2010.05.10 2010.07.30
TOYOTA car center in Chwaszczyno Teletechnical installations project and realization 2010.03.24 2010.07.28
Multifunctional Sports- Events arena at the borders of the cities of Gdansk and Sopot SSP realization 2010.03.12 2010.05.06
JABIL Circuit Poland Sp. z o.o. Jabil Assembly Poland Sp. z o.o. Kwidzyn, Lotnicza 2 st. SKD project and realization 2009.04.01 w realizacji
Elbląg Railway Station DSO, SSP realizations with smoke extraction control 2010.03.11 2011.12.30
PWT buildings at the city of Gdynia, Navy Command building of Gdynia, DMW logistics Gdynia SSWiN, CCTV, SKD, SSP conservation 2010.02.15 2010.12.31
CWTiDMW buildings at the city of Wejherowo SSWiN, CCTV, SKD, SSP conservation 2010.02.15 2010.12.31
Silver Screen cinema complex inside the MALTA building, in Poznan SSP, DSO, SKD, SSWiN, CCTV project and realization 2008.12.11 2010.03.23
Invasive Medicine Center building, of the Medical Academy of Gdansk Projekt i wykonanie SSP, DSO, SSWiN, SKD, SiiKP, project and realization, Medical Installation system 2009.11.30 2011.12.27
Sports Tote, Branch of Gdańsk SSP project and realization 2010.02.24 2010.03.31
Nordea Bank Polska Gdynia, Chwaszczyńska st. CCTV, SSWiN, SKD project installation 2010.02.10 2010.06.18
PKO BP SA O1 and O2 Gorzów Wielkopolski, O1 Człuchów, O1 Połczyn Zdrój CCTV, SSWiN, SKD project realization 2009.12.15 2009.12.28
Army Unit, Wejherowo SSWiN project and realization 2009.12.09 2009.12.29
Army Unit, Wejherowo CCTV project and realization 2009.12.09 2009.12.29
Army Unit, Wejherowo, Rumia SSWiN, SKD project and realization 2009.12.09 2009.12.29
Army Unit, Wejherowo, Rumia, Łężyce SSWiN, CCTV and KD project and realization 2009.03.01 2009.12.31
PKN Orlen SA fuel station 4072 in Gdańsk, Świętokrzyska 2 st, West Region CCTV project and realization 2009.09.29 2009.09.30
BM Polska Sp. z o.o. UAB IBM Lietuva, LT-09312 Vilnius SKD renovation 009.09.07 2009.10.22
PKO Bank Polski SA, Branch 2 in Gdynia, Wójta Radtkego 53 st. SSWN, CCTV, SKD 2009.02.02 2009.08.27
Warmia – Mazury university of Olsztyn, Warszawska st, Collegium Anatomicum educational building ST, SKD, SSP, SSWiN, CCTV project and realization 2008.09.26 2009.07.31

CTV System Telewizji Dozoru, = Television Inspection System
SSWN System Sygnalizacji Włamania i Napadu,
SKD System Kontroli Dostępu
SSP System Sygnalizacji Pożaru,
SN System Nagłośnienia = Announcements system
ST Sieć Teleinformatyczna = Teleinformatics Network
SLK System Liczenia Klientów = People Counting System
DSO Dźwiękowy System Ostrzegawczy = Sound Alarm System
SIiKP System Interkomowy i Kontroli Przejść = Intercom and Passing Control System