Another meeting of this kind at the headquarters of our company.
The previous courses, already bring positive effects. This meeting is aimed above all to the increase of the service quality of our clients, who have to show the benefits of facilitation and procedures related to development projects. Let's hope that this will be another fruitful meeting, broadening our experience and knowledge.



Our employee will attend the training, organised for Smoke Extraction Designers, organised by the company D + H. The course is intended for those designers who wish to broaden their knowledge at their sector according to the system.

Data:22 do 26-02-2016


Two of our employees, start today a training program in Warsaw, at the headquarters of the Polish Chambers of Alarm Systems.
TECHNICAL SECURITY EMPLOYEE COURSE „INSTALLATIONS AND MAINTENANCE OF TECHNICAL SECURITY SYSTEMS, STAGE 1 – 4/CLASS SA1 – SA” is systematically organised by PISA, and we apply our employees with eagerness, in order to raise their qualifications and broaden their knowledge.



We have applied the following employees for training by the Vocational Training Centre Elpro sp. z o. o.
The seminar took plasce on 11.02.2016 and finished with the conduction of exams. For those who are not familiar: it is a specific training that allows the possesion of state persmission to the exploitation "E" and supervision "D" of devices, networks and electrical installations.
The aim of the seminar is to familiarise the Participants with the the currently applicable regulations and technical solutions used during installation and operation of various types of power supply, equipment enabling them to meet constantly increasing requirements. We look forward to thus obtained qualification certificates.



For the XIX time, prizes and distinctions were handed, within the frames of the Pomeranian Quality prizes. It with great pleasure to inform that we have achieved distinction at the contest of Pomeranian Quality prizes, as a small size business. It is a prestigious prize, since businesses that are thriving, are distincted, providing servises at a very high quality level:
For more information please vistit the link:



Because of tremendous amount of actual projects the educational seminar was realised with a short delay. Leader was Adrian Grodzicki, who shared his knowledge with less experienced colleaques.

Data:3 do 4-02-2016

Seminar FWnX.

At our company headquarters, with our mind in our clients and cooperators, we organized educational seminar related to FcWnx, lead by Adrian Grodzicki:
The program included among others:
Alarms – general rules and administration, configuration, email information,
Creation of grafic maps of existing buildings, ( surfaces, buildings etc.)
Direct work from the data base,
Inlets and outlets programming,


V contest of Alarm System installers at Poznan.

We hev declared our employees to the participation at the V contest of Alarm System installers at Poznan, which will take plave during the SECUREX fair on 27.04.2016. We wish them good luck and cross our fingers.


Training meeting.

For the second time today, we had a training meeting. The exchange of experiences and perceptions among employees is very popular and is an invaluable tool for our work. We focused mainly on matters related to the recently completed project of the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway. His own observations shared with us Lukasz Klajbor, who is the coordinator of our work on behalf of Microsystem company. Next meeting will take place in a year.


"The Project „Multimodal Biometric System of Banking Client Identification Verification”.

"The Project „Multimodal Biometric System of Banking Client Identification Verification” is reaching the end of its first (calendar) year of realisation. Through this time three groups – the Gdansk Polytechnic, The PKO BP Bank, as well as Microsystem Sp.zo.o. working together on monthly seminars, developed concepts as well as scripts ans the architecture of the system. The integration of the adopted methods will take place using the biometric hub, whose prototype was developed. The device is equipped with modern energy-efficient quad-core processor, fast SSD performance and USB 3.0 for connecting peripherals. The developed device enables the integration of four methods of identity verification based on the characteristics derived from: a handwritten signature, the hand blood pulse, speech and facial contour with the image of a face. As part of this work, a wireless prototype device for electronic handwritten signature was created. The device is equipped with a series of sensors that record signature parameters, such as acceleration, pen inclination, as well as pressure applied on the surface. At present, among others, certain programming works are on the go, aiming to the registration and verification of the identity using the prototype. Works within the frames of the hand blood pulse and the way to their verification, concern the way of using the methods on the post, as well as the system capabilities. The development of the system verification, based on speech included programming activities together with test signals with the purpose of conducting tests capable to use system algorythms. The effect of the conducted works, connected to the face contour is a system that creates the face contour through the scanned image. The face is recorded with the use of Time of Flight cameras. Further works on this project will lead to the development of individual biometric technologies used to verify, then to be integrated for the achievement of the previously mentioned effectiveness of the system.


Training meetings.

We began a series of monthly training meetings at the headquarters of our company. The meetings are aimed at exchanging experiences, knowledge, insights and best practices learned from completed and preparation work. Was established an order code for those discussions and people responsible for preparing the next meetings
The next meeting will be held on 18.12.2015



On November 13th 2015, at the headquarters of Microsystem Sp. z o.o. an audit conducted by the Auditor of the Polish Vessels Register, took place. The objective of the audit was to verify the results obtained by Microsystem Sp. zoo. based on self-assessment surveys, in connection with the Company's participation in the Contest of the Pomeranian Quality Award 2015 organized by the Regional Board of the Federation of Engineering Associations Chief Technical Organization in Gdansk and Polish Vessels Register SA, within the frames of the nineteenth edition of the competition. During the audit, a representative of Microsystems provided the Auditor with the necessary information and presented the Company's existing standards of conducting, within the scope of the subject of the survey (including the permissions of the Company and its employees as well as the protection of personal data).


Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway.

End of works at the Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway.

Data:6 to 7-10-2015

The theme of the fourth edition of the Nationwide Days of Integrated Fire Safety Systems.

The theme of the fourth edition of the Nationwide Days of Integrated Fire Safety Systems as was the integration of security systems in buildings. During the two days of workshops (6-7.10.2015) we had the opportunity to participate in demonstrations and trainings conducted by representatives of, among others, Fire Safety Institute NODDEX, CNBOP-NRI, Schrack Seconet and C & C Partners. Participation in the above event allowed us to enrich the knowledge acquired during the project "Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway" and meet the latest trade offer of our partners.


Meeting of consortium members (Microsystem, Gdańsk Polytechnic, PKO BP)


On July 24th 2015, At the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Informatics, at the Polytechnic of Gdansk, a meeting of the members of the consortium (Microsystems, University of Technology, PKO BP) took place, implementing the Agreement No. PBS3 / B3 / 26/2015 concluded on April 20th 2015 with the National Research and Development Center of the execution and financing of the project under the Program for Applied Research in the path B pn. "Multimodal biometric identity verification system of banking clients." The first part of the meeting attended invited representatives of the Laboratory of Forensic Document Investigation of the Regional Police Headquarters in Gdansk. The meeting was opened by Prof. Project Manager. Assoc. Eng. Andrew Czyżewski from the Polytechnic of Gdansk, who presented guests from Gdańsk Police HQ’s the framework for information regarding the Project. The discussion included among others, the range of facilities anticipated to test new posts, as well as assumptions regarding the possibility of maximum independence of the project subject from inevitable technological changes. Under the occasion of the presentation by representatives of the G.P. of basic principles of dynamic signature analysis, its unique elements were described, as well as methods parameterisation of signature (eg. Static and dynamic analysis, analysis in the time domain or frequency). The discussion further focused on issues related to the various modalities envisaged to be used for posts, indicating the most reliable identification methods. In general, there were also discussed, among others, group costs that are incurred in connection with the use of paper for bank purposes and the group anticipated savings achieved due to the restriction of its use as a result of the Project. During their presentation, representatives of the Criminal Laboratory of Gdansk Police HQ’s, discussed, among others, about the forensic division used in research papers, as well as introduced participants to the issues related to the difference between graphology and forensic handwriting analysis research. Presented was also the currently used method in the analysis of handwriting / signature graphic-comparative, along with a catalog of handwriting features groups, meaning synthetic characteristics, topographical, motoric, measurable, structural design, which create a directory used in the study of manuscripts. As effect of the meeting, the representatives of the consortium established cooperation with the representatives of the Gdansk Police and there was also an exchange of information, which for the consortium can prove quite helpful, during the execution of the project.

W wyniku spotkania przedstawicieli konsorcjum z przedstawicielami KWP Gdańsk, nawiązana została współpraca oraz doszło do wymiany informacji, które dla konsorcjum mogą się okazać bardzo pomocne przy realizacji Projektu.

Date:24 do 26-06-2015

Seminar at Iława.

Between the 24th and 26th Of June, 2015, in Iława, a meeting of the members of the consortium (Microsystems, University of Technology, PKO BP) took place, implementing the Agreement No. PBS3 / B3 / 26/2015 concluded on April 20th 2015 with the National Research and Development Center of the execution and financing of the project under the Program for Applied Research in the path B pn. "Multimodal biometric identity verification system of banking clients." During the talks, apart from the questions on the technology used and the procedures in positions which participants spent most of the time, issues of organizational, financial and legal aspects were also discussed. The meeting discussion included also issues related to the development of mechanisms and technologies necessary for the proper functioning of the multimodal biometric positions and hardware infrastructure. The technological panel consisted of relevant specification messages for biometric algorithms sampling, the design and functionality of the position of security mechanisms, as well as the properties of biometric pens. During the procedure panel on the other hand, basic procedure elements were set for the customer service procedure! During the meeting among others, there was a disscussion about the possibility of using biometric data during testing developed solutions, storage of biometric data during and after the tests are completed, as well as issues related to certification and safety of prepared solutions. The meeting resulted in the the exchange and update of information on the project, between consortium members.

  • Seminar
    at Iława


XXV anniversary jubilee celebrations of Microsystem completed.

Only memories are left behind and something to remember.... The enormous building of Audytorium Novum, that was provided to our disposal from the Polytechnic of Gdansk, was filled by a majestic atmosphere and wonderful guests, among whom we had the pleasure to host professor Mrs Marianna Sankiewicz, aperson of great knowledge, open mind and a beautiful heart. Despite the capricious weather, the walk that we prepared around the Polytechnic specially for guests off the tricity turned out to be a “bull’s eye”. It is the proof of how in an exciting way we can show and talk about historical, but not always known places of the PG. The exhibition, dedicated to the existance of Microsystem company, was a pleasant surprise not only for the personel but also for the guests. We didn’t lack ceremonial speeches as well as thanks, with high emotions we heard the story about the company emerging and the early times of its activities. The culmination of this worthy Gala concert was a great jazz singer Gaba Kulka, which did not disappoint the audience and gave a beautiful romantic concert. Banquet organized in the Student Club “KWADRATOWA” gave the opportunity to exchange thoughts and plans for the future attenuating between partners, customers and colleagues.


XXV anniversary jubilee of Microsystem company.

  • Congratulations

  • Congratulations

  • Prof. Mrs Marianna

  • Microsystem
    Directors speech

  • A walk around
    the Polytechnic

  • Exhibition

  • Exhibition,
    I computer

  • Exhibition 2

  • Exhibition
    Key straps rainbow


We are unavoidably getting closer to the XXXth anniversary of Microsystem.

At the library building of the University of Gdansk, an exhibition will be formed, dedicated to our company, while the program of events for 19.06.2015 is planned as follows:
At 14.00 --- a walk with prof. Ewą Kowalską and Aleksander Masłowski around the Polytechnic of Gdansk, operating the iBedeker blog, - the walk is prepared having in mind our guests off the area of the tricity!
At 15.00 --- Start of the event at the hall of Audytorium Novum PG
At 16.00 --- Music Concert of Gaba Kulka with her Band
At 17.15 --- conclusion of the ceremony


tab1 tab1

We would like to preserve one of the most valuable monuments of local architecture. We are contributing in action:,, St. Mary's Basilica Generations "and also urge all those who have at heart the beauty of our region, to support the fundraise for the renovation of the roof of St. Mary's Basilica known as the Crown of the city of Gdansk.
Link: Bazylika Mariacka



Żniwiarz AK company
Together with the Technological University of Gdansk Graduates Association we are honored to support the distribution, publication and promotion of the book .:,, Kompania Żniwiarz AK ", edited by Gustav Budzynski (" Szymura "), Mariusz Olczak and Janusz Prażmo (" Christopher "). The first and last mentioned, are authentic Gdansk living witnesses of history, active participants in the uprising, which guarantees professional approach to memories, often written after a long time, ensuring that they are consistent and based on existing historical sources of the first row. It is this interweaving of memories and scanned unpublished documents what is extraordinary about the value of this book. We sincerely recommend it.

Date:26 do 27-03-2015

We accepted the invitation of UTC fire &Security Company for an information – training meeting within the frames of ROAD SHOW 2015. Subjects of lecture were amon others: CCTV IP – Cameras with built-in analyst, Video Digital rejestrators IP – series TVN21 keyboard PTZ IP – TVK-800 New platform SSWIN - ATS4500AIP. Other attractions also existed so it was both pleasant and profitable.


Intelli-Pen Seminar 13/03/2015. On Friday 11:30pm, at the conference room of the Cathedral of Gdansk Polytechnic, a meeting was hosted related to the project: "Multimodal biometric identity verification system of banking clients."


Next meeting date was arranged.


On 06.19.2015, at the Auditorium Novum hall of Gdańsk Technological University, the celebration of the XXX anniversary of the founding of our company will take place. The program includes concert of Gaba Kulka with her band.


Designing seminar, presentations of Bank representatives concerning the positions of Architecture and verification system, as well as the circulation of information.


Meeting and arrangements of the acting plan, concerning our XXX anniversary company celebrations.


PSummary of last years realizations.

Date:29 do 30-12-2014

Seminar concerning the project of Grand Hotel Tiffi in Lława. Consortium representatives meeting, as well as persons directly involved to the project, having as target the introduction of the theme and objectives of the project to be co-financed from NCBiR



Scientific Consortium conclusion of an agreement with PKO BP SA and the Technical University of Gdansk for the project - "Multimodal biometric identity verification system of banking client". The project concerns the development of hybrid technology, enabling automated verification of identity of the banking client, offering high efficiency verification, and increase of the convenience of execution. The acquisition of data from sensors and biometric identity cards and then processing their fusion and analysis has been foreseen, aiming for reliable authentication based on multimodal biometric identification technologies. Verification will be carried out using original proposal based among others for multidimensional analysis, dynamic electronic signature, submitted using a special pen and on new applications of laser photogrammetry. The project results will be published in reputable journals and doctoral works of university staff and the cooperating companies. The project is part of the III Competition for Applied Research Programme organized by the National Centre for Research and Development. - Enclosed information that should be placed below the text.


Decision concerning the granting of financial resources


Negotiations with NCBR concerning the amount granted (the difference of the requested amount and the amount proposed by the Centre), negotiations ended with the setting of project financing to the amount of 3 628 900,00 zł


Completion of works on the construction implementation of the Shakespeare Theatre facility in Gdansk.


Launch of realisation - the facilities of Pomeranian Metropolitan Railway Phase I - revitalization of " Kokoszkowska Railways ".


Completion of the project for NDI - MARINA in Gdansk


Announcement of the results of the competition, the application was recommended for funding, obtaining 30.67 points / 35pkt potential to gain.


Publication of assessments -quality substantive positive.



Within the project frames „Human capital as part of the company's value“ we took part at meetings, the aim of which was dissemination of project objectives, practical tools presentation for measuring human capital (NKL) and benefits from its use in the company. Human capital is a component of the company's value. In order to prove this claim PARP and the Warsaw School of Economics, conducted a series of tests that started the project. Lack of awareness of the importance of data collected on human capital and lack of knowledge about the opportunities and how to measure its value contributes to the fact that Polish employers are still reluctant to invest in training and other forms of development of their employees. The consequence of this approach is the lack of highly qualified staff, which negatively affects the competitiveness of Polish companies and opportunities for further development.
The premise of the project is to convince businesses that investing in improving the competence of employees is a benefit for the whole company. We encourage all companies to participate in this project.


Publication of the NCBiR results of the formal evaluation: positive result.


Application sent in electronic form to the NCBiR for the Platform Centrum, within the frames of III PBS.



SECUREX 2014, 7 - 11 April 2014 We are preparing to take part in the fourth Polish Championships of Alarm System Installers during the International Securex Fair in Poznan. We will also be Technical Partner of the Championship.

On 7-11 April 2014 the 20th edition of the safest and largest Security Exhibition in Poland and Central - Eastern Europe, awaits us.

Date:9 do 14-12-2013

Participation of our employees at the course on "Employee of technical security DESIGN 2nd degree,, TECHNICAL SECURITY SYSTEMS DESIGN" is already a standard.

Date:19 do 20-11-2013

tab1 Participation in Milipol 2013 Exhibition Centre Paris Nord Villepinte Paris, will open its doors for meetings, discoveries and debates on public and industrial safety, discussions will include innovations of states internal security. The organization of the exhibition is under the patronage of the French Ministry of Internal affairs while Milipol Paris is an official event held in cooperation with the French National police and gendarmerie,the National Guard, French customs, the French Armament Procurement Agency (DGA), SCA Europol.

Date:13 do 14-11-2013

Training courses for designers is intended for offices and design studios, independent designers, fire safety experts. The training covers issues of design, construction, components, performance and functionality of fire alarm systems (ESSER), extinguishing control and sound systems Esser by Honeywell and paging systems Ackermann by Honeywell.


For some time now, we have been cooperating with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs on systems installations. After completion of the General Consulates of the Republic of Poland in Saint Petersburg and the Embassy in Riga, the time came also for the Consulate in Cologne, Germany. Installation works in progress.


In cooperation with NDI S.A. we carry out works involving the installation of telecommunications in office buildings related to tourist and recreation operations MARINA 2 , MARINA 3.



Conference in Crakow – MCSS 2013-06-13 Between 6-7 June 2013 took place the
VI International Conference "Multimedia Communications, Services and Security”.
The aim of the conference is the presentation of research and development actions contributing to aspects of multimedia communication and security systems. We had the opportunity and the honor participate in this extraordinary endeavor. Mr Georgis Bogdanis together with Mr Józef Kotus, Kubą Łopatka oraz Andrzej Czyżewski, from the Polytechnic of Gdansk for their joint presentation titled: ,,Audio-visual surveillance system for application in bank operating room" were awarded the Best Paper Award prize during the contest.
More information: MCSS 2013


We would like to inform you that Microsystem Company is actively involved in the innovative project CASCADE - (Contextual Analysis of data streams from cameras for Applications define alarms) carried out by the Technological University of Gdansk. This is the first tool of its kind in the world. Below a link to an interesting article worthy of recommendation about this. It is worth noting that one of the persons participating in the meeting was our expert - Mr. Stefan Swiecinska – Specialist on IT and security. More information: Gdańska nasze miasto


It is our pleasure to announce that the company UTC FIRE & SECURITY as recognition for our cooperation, has awarded us the title of GOLDEN PARTNER 2011, which was a very nice surpise as well as a kind gesture.

Date:23-02 do 22-03-2013

Technical safety equipment of SSW and N and TVD systems in Polish embassy of Riga, Latvia.

Date:09-10 do 09-12-2012

Security systems installation: SS and N, STD and KD at the Polisn General Consulate of Saint Petersburg.





We have declared our participation to theThird Polish Championship of Alarm System Installers whose final will take place on 24 April 2012 at the International Fair SECUREX. Organizers of the championship are the Poznań International Fair and the Polish Chamber of Alarm Systems. Nominated for the finals are Jacek Zielinski and Leszek Hennig - our specialists from the service department. We wish our colleagues good luck.


We have decided to support the Polish Radio expedition to the island of Saint Maarten. Such initiatives arouse our admiration. The leader of the expedition, MSc. Wojciech Kłosok for nearly 30 years has been a respected and awarded advocate of amateur radio in Poland and in the world, and his expedition evoke emotions and interest. According to our information the expedition is to take place within 5-12.03.2012 – we will follow the news and wish him good luck. More information can be found here: Radiowa wyprawa

Date:11 do 13-01-2012

By invitation on behalf of C & C Partners Telecom held between 11 and 13 January 2012, we took part in the Third Amateur Competition of Alpine Skiing. Competitions were held in Krynica Zdroj. A nice touch was the achievement by our Director Georgis Bogdanis the diploma for the most spectacular journey.

Date:05-09-2011 2


We have established cooperation with the Polish Platform of Internal Security in the discharge of scientific research and audits : a) in the building Science and Technology Park of Gdansk b) at the premises of the Military Institute of Chemistry and Radiometry in Warsaw. We hope that cooperation will continue as fruitful as it has been so far.